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Why you should make The Carter Vaporium your go to Vape Shop

When you step foot into something new for the first time, anxiety can strike. You see things from a new perspective. The things that keep you there is support, friendship, knowledge, and the most simple of them all… Fun.

The Carter Vaporium is not your run in the mill store…It’s an experience. From the minute you walk in, to the moment we are closing the shop, and you realize you meant to pop your head in and see what this whole thing is about, but spent the past few hours learning something new, making a new friend, or running into someone you haven’t seen in forever… You’ll see that community, vibe, and fun is what keeps our doors open.

The people that walk through our doors are from all different walks of life, and everyone contributes to the culture we have built.

Whether you are a seasoned vape enthusiast, an individual looking for an alternative, or just simply curious… Our staff will always greet you with a sincere smile, and guide you on whatever path you are looking to take.

Our selection truly speaks for itself. With over 150 selections in juice (from major label brands, local blends, and our own house flavors), and devices in every price range and size. We are positive that we have the right setup, and environment for you to enjoy.

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